Donkey Dash Game

Are you ready to take part in a Donkey Dash? We bet there haven't been many - if any - occasions when you've been asked that before. But here we are, ready with that very offer. We are going to review this new title for you, so you can see what you think of it.

Developer details to begin our review

We should begin by revealing that SG Digital is behind this game. They've released some impressive slots and casino games before now, and Donkey Dash might just continue that line.

Does it offer a demo?

Yes, we believe so, although this is not a slot game - it ranks more as a specialty title than anything else.

What's the theme?

The first thing you see is the title image, featuring a donkey (of course) against a backdrop of a racetrack and some stands where lots of people are watching. We'd say this has a horse racing theme but, of course, it focuses on donkeys instead.

Expect a brightly colored design

The game looks superb, with the racetrack forming a backdrop to the action. You get six donkeys in action, and there are subtle differences between them. Each is represented by a color, and you'll see those colors underneath the donkeys.

How to play Donkey Dash

Here we go then - let the race begin! There are no reels here since this isn't a slot game. You cannot play for any progressive jackpots either.

The game is a mix between bingo and a race since balls are drawn from the top right side of the screen. According to the number that comes out, the donkey with that number will take a step along the course.

You'll notice that different donkeys have different steps to complete. The red one need only complete three steps to finish, while the purple one has eight. And as you might guess, the prize amounts vary according to which donkey you'd like to bet on.

Paylines don't feature in this game

Since there are no reels involved, you don't need them, right?

Place your bet on one of the six donkeys

You've got a 50-cent minimum wager on a donkey of your choice in this game. You can go way higher though, reaching the maximum wager of $30 per race if you wish.

Make sure you read that paytable

You should read everything you can about this game before you begin. It's not a slot game, as we discovered, and so it has its own rules to go by. The more you understand ahead of a real bet on the Donkey Dash game, the better.

Bonus golden balls!

There is a chance that one or more balls drawn during a game could be gold. If you look at the numbers you need to find for each donkey, you'll notice that each one has a gold number. If you find that number, the donkey covers two spaces on that go rather than just one.

You might also get an instant prize ball during the number drawing process. If this should occur, you'll scoop that prize even if your donkey comes last in the race. The instant prizes could be worth between 2x and 100x the wager placed on that race.

Free spins don't feature

Since the game doesn't revolve around spins, you won't find anything along those lines to look forward to. We can reveal there are multiplier balls involved too though, and if you get one of these and your donkey finishes in first place, you'll get your prize multiplied by the value shown.

RTP information for Donkey Dash

It looks like this SG Digital title gives a return to player value of 95%.

Our rating for the Donkey Dash game

This is an amusing game with a few neat twists we weren't expecting. There are some great elements involved, but you may end up going through lots of games with no prizes, especially if you back one of the more challenging donkeys with higher prizes available if you did win with one. We're giving it 7/10.

How big could the prize be?

The top prize is 500x your bet, so it's not bad, but comes in far lower than plenty of slot games we've seen.

Try the demo race first

If you get the chance to access the demo, this is the ideal way to get a better idea of how everything works.

Would you try the real thing?

Donkey Dash won't be for everyone, but if you fancy a few races between slot games, this does have some appeal for sure.

Mobile access to the races

Since this is a new game, you should find you can try it inside a mobile casino as well. Just make sure you choose a site that offers games from SG Digital.