Phoenix Graveyard Slots

A phoenix is a winged bird that bursts into flames and rises from the ashes left behind. But that's not the idea behind this slot game. Phoenix Graveyard takes us to a graveyard in the town of Phoenix, dark, foreboding, and potentially offering plenty of drama along the way. So, come with us if you dare, as we discover what else might be happening in this town.

Who is the developer for the game?

This is the latest release to come from ELK Studios.

You can expect a fully featured demo as well

Indeed, and you'll want to play it first, as it most accurately reveals the many haunted delights that may appear.

Theme details for Phoenix Graveyard

The title image has the Grim Reaper standing ready with its scythe, so that looks promising! The skeletal hand grabs the scythe, and the hood hides its face… but we are not sure we would want to see it anyway. The game itself delivers on this early promise as well.

You'll be impressed by the design

It's clear that a lot of work has gone into this slot game by the development team. It certainly offers plenty of depth and proves the theory that 2D slots can look as multilayered and deep as the usual 3D ones do.

What should you expect from the Phoenix Graveyard slot game?

This is a five-reel slot with three rows per reel, although ELK Studios calls it a 'slicing slot' as well. There is a chance to expand the number of winning ways you might see, so we guess it refers to this part of the game.

You should look for the fiery phoenix as the wild… but it turns out the Grim Reaper is wild as well. This is a Walking Wild, delivering respins and cutting the high value icons in two. You also need to watch for the bonus symbol, as this has a different role to play.

How many paylines does the game have?

The standard format offers 243 ways to get prizes, although this can increase depending on whether you get any sliced symbols on the reels. You'll need the wild Grim Reaper to appear for this to occur.

Start playing from just 20 cents a go

This is a nice starting point, especially since you're getting the maximum winning ways from the initial 5 x 3 grid. Throw in some sliced symbols and you could get a lot more than that, as we've seen.

This is one paytable you do need to read

There are features here that could well appear unusual to players unfamiliar with the game. You may have seen some of them in other games, but we think it is wise to explore the paytable before you do anything else.

Bonus battle!

Watch for a phoenix wild to land next to a Grim Reaper wild. If this should happen, they go to battle to determine the winner. Depending on the outcome, you'll either get a doubled multiplier or another phoenix on the reels.

Another feature involves a tombstone surround that might appear on one or more spots on the reels on any random spin. This bonus element is known as Sudden Death. You'll see split icons appear inside each tombstone, offering between two and 10 each time.

Free spins and how to get them

Look for the dark bird in the frame to find the bonus symbol. Three, four, or five of these will bring you six, eight, or 10 free spins. You'll also have one, two, or three wild phoenixes respectively. You'll always have more winning ways through these spins, along with the wilds giving multipliers depending on how many ways there are for that position. It sounds confusing but makes sense when you play.

RTP details for this slot game

The slot game offers a return to player percentage of 95%, which is 1% below the usual desired figure we like to see.

Our rating for Phoenix Graveyard slots

There is a LOT involved in this slot game, which ought to make it irresistible to players wanting some action on the reels. We loved the theme too, as dark as it is, with clear fantasy overtones throughout. Watching for split symbols is something we spent some time doing, and it led to an enjoyable experience. We couldn't rank it lower than 9/10.

What's the biggest prize worth?

According to the game data available alongside the slot, the best prize comes out at 10,000x your bet.

Play the demo to unleash the drama

You could easily spend a while playing the practice version of this slot to become more familiar with the many features involved in it.

Find a casino offering ELK Studios games to play the real version

There are many online casinos connecting with ELK Studios now, which means you should easily find the real thing there as well.

No worries with mobile access either

The game looks impressive however you view it, even if that's on a mobile device. Android and iOS fans won't be disappointed, for sure.