Free Slots Win Real Money No Deposit Required

Would you like to find and play free slots, win real money, no deposit required? Who wouldn't? But is this possible?

It seems unlikely, and it's true that you do need to be careful of what you find when you're looking for these opportunities. We discuss this in more detail below.

What are free slots?

It's important to know the meaning of free slot games, as there are two broad meanings for this term. The first describes a free game with no actual prizes other than demo credits that help you continue playing for longer. You'll never receive any real prizes from these games.

The second is more a case of scooping free spins for a regular slot game - a game you do pay to play, but which may have free spins included as a potential prize. If you're paying to play a game that grants you free spins like these, you could keep anything won during those spins.

Do all slot games offer real money prizes?

The basic rule here is that if you pay to play a game, anything won during that game is real money. However, some social casinos may offer you the chance to buy extra 'coins' or chips to play the games for longer. In this case, you're paying for more time to play those games, and you cannot receive any real cash prizes from them.

It shows how important it is for you to read the rules surrounding any slot game you find. This means you can see whether it does involve real prizes before you begin play.

What does no deposit required mean?

This means you do not need to deposit anything at a casino. Some social casinos don't require deposits as they offer games for entertainment and not for real money play. Others usually allow players to join without depositing, although if you did want to play for real prizes, you would need to deposit some cash to play with.

Can you play free slots, win real money, all with no deposit required?

The best chance you've got of doing this is to find a casino offering a no deposit deal for new players. The ideal offer is one that gives away a few dollars to play with, complete with no wagering requirements attached to them. If you can spot a deal like this, you might be able to net some prizes without paying a dime to get them.