North Guardians Slots

Who are the North Guardians? What might they be able to offer in entertainment if we review this slot game in which they feature? North Guardians doesn't tell us that much, but we soon realize there are some engaging elements rolled into this slot. Let's make progress now and see what's what.

Developer name revealed

And we can reveal it here as Pragmatic Play. This suggests a sharp slot game that looks as good as it plays.

You've got a demo version to try first

This has some tweaks compared to many standard slots, so we recommend you begin your journey with the guardians by trying this version.

What's the slot theme?

We are in the company of Vikings in this game, and since things look a little chilly in the background, we guess there is a snowy northern setting to contend with. Makes sense…

Another winning design

It's no surprise to find that Pragmatic Play has come up with another creative design here. The attention to detail is as good as it ever was, further cementing their position near the top of the slot game tree.

How to play the North Guardians slot game

You get five reels in this one, but instead of seeing just three symbols landing per reel, there are five. This keeps things entertaining throughout. You won't need to watch for any progressive jackpots in this one though.

There is a wild symbol, shown as a Viking with an impressive mustache and a gold crown. It also has the WILD label. The game also has a scatter symbol, and since this says FREE SPINS, you can figure out where this might come into play.

Paylines in play in North Guardians

You'll see 50 lines in action in this game, giving you far more to look for than the average slot.

What are the betting stakes?

If you're playing this one for real, you can expect a 50-cent bet at the lowest end of the possibilities. At the other end, players can go for a maximum $250 wager.

Don't forget to review the paytable before you play

Even though we're giving you plenty of details in this review, we suggest you still check the paytable before your first time playing North Guardians.

Bonus features to look out for

The Wild Pattern Wheel is the most exciting part of this slot game. You may see a hammer hit the circular icon to the right of the reels, and if this occurs, it sets the Wheel spinning above it. This reveals one of two things - a level up symbol that takes you to the next level on the Wheel, or a random pattern. If you see a pattern, you'll get wilds landing on the main reels in the game according to that pattern. As you might imagine, this could net you several prizes depending on where the wilds land. If you go to another level, you'll get a better outcome if you then get a pattern appearing. At the fifth level, it's possible to land a pattern that ensures the entire set of reel positions goes wild.

Free spins available in North Guardians

Find three or more of the free spin symbols anywhere on the reels and you'll get five free games to play. These are promising because the Wild Pattern Wheel is live for each one of those spins. If you move up to another level, it stays on that level unless you manage to get it higher. Furthermore, progressing to level two or above triggers another two free games to play on each occasion.

RTP info for North Guardians

The return to player figure here is not bad at all, coming in at 96.38%. You can buy your way into the free spin feature, but if you do so, be aware that the RTP slips to 96.29%.

Our rating for North Guardians

It's worth having a few practice spins of this one to fully understand its drama and features. However, we would rank it as a 9/10 slot game.

Winners should hunt for the wilds

This is the symbol offering the best payout amounts… so if you can fill the screen with them courtesy of that Wheel, you can see the potential.

Play for some practice first

North Guardians offers a familiar theme with plenty of twists, hence why we recommend you play the demo for a while to see what you think of it.

Will you play for real too?

Check your wager if you intend to do this, as all those bets will be final once you've placed them.

Mobile action is just as entertaining in North Guardians

It is, and as a modern slot game, you know you'll be able to play this slot across all devices whenever you like.